A Comparison of Beowulf and Grendel

Beowulf ‘s story is a heroic epic that recorded the outstanding behavior of the great Geatish warrior Beowulf, who sailed the sea to destroy the evil monsters of Dene, Glendell, who has threatened the Kingdom with rage. Beowulf is blessed for his heroic acts, and monsters die for bad acts, as his heroic acts can destroy devil-like monsters and stop the tragedy of evil It is drawn as a disgusting creatures that should be. In epic, the author of Beowulf depicts Glendell as a cold beast, and he will prosper with the pain of others.

The comparison of Glowell’s picture of Beowulf and Gardner’s Grendel’s Grundel, John Gardner’s novel Grundel is quite different from Beowulf’s epic. Grendel is a nonhuman with human qualities. In every talk, there is no indication of the kind of Glendell and what Glendell is like. The only idea about the reader’s view about Glendell is the little advice given by the author. We know that he stands like a human being, we know he is covered with hair, and we know he is a giant .

Beowulf – the hero hero who went to the sea to get rid of the Scyldings of Glendell. Beowulf is huge, very powerful, cold and mechanical, showing a little emotion and personality. In the fight against the climax of Glendell, Beowulf seems to germinate its wings and speak fire. And it compares with the dragon. Glendell’s mother – a foul, a poor man, and the only obvious family of Glendell. Glendell’s mother and Glendell lived in a cave of a huge underground kingdom. She inevitably tried to protect Glendell from human beings and destiny. Occasionally her girlfriend will be closer to coherent words, but she forgets how to talk or never knows

See the difference between the following matching episodes: Hrothgar as Beowulf as the King of Glend threatens the dragon’s threat Beowulf struggles with Grendel for the fight against the dragon and the dragon with Glendel’s mother Deciding Funeral: Idealized Warrior 8) Beowulf’s three battles become increasingly difficult (Grendel, Grendel’s mother’s Christianity and Beowulf’s paganism) Beowulf’s story is based on the early Danish Christian influence in a pagan society Mythical creatures that emphasize the hero Beowulf to kill with his supernatural powers make this story an epic to celebrate the great hero’s life. But with Beowulf’s victory over the three major creatures, we also saw

Myths are usually very symbolic; in Beowulf’s 3rd and 4th episodes, the heaviest image is the comparison of Beowulf and Grendel. The plan of light is equal to good, the dark is equal to evil suitable for Beowulf. Glendell came from darkness, wasteland; Beowulf was waiting for him in the fire. From the beginning of the plot, Herot was highlighted by light, and when Grendel attacked the inside of Herot it was dark. The brightness of good and evil and the power of darkness always conflict. For example, Glendell attacked Harlow on the grounds of good. On the other hand, Beowulf is very good, he killed Glendell. Then Glendell ‘s mother also asked for revenge for the same reason.